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Birthdate:Dec 1
I have no life. So, I read. I listen to music. I sing only with my headphones on, so I can't hear myself sing. I go on Facebook sometimes, but tend to avoid it because I get lost when planning on doing something else even while doing the something else. I forget a lot and very easily. My comments can go on and on because I have no one to talk too and a so far undiagnosed case of I jump from subject to person to oh look a squirrel I just ADORE Johnlock congrats Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch! If I can add a profile pic I have something appropriate for my state of mind. Extrovert online, complete OPPOSITE in RL...unless I've known you for more then 6 months and even then will be somewhat withdrawn from everything around me...can you tell yet?
I CAN be serious about some stuff and don't mind going into a long and drawn out debate that /might/ become an argument depending on how you take what I say.

Interests (26):

anime, anita blake: vampire hunter, carpathian series, doujinshi, earth's children series manga, fanfiction, fiction, harry potter, harvest moon, house m.d., how to train your dragon, many others, odd thomas series, patrick rothfuss- kingkiller chronicles, pokemon, reading, reading and singing with my music, robin mckinley, sherlock, sherlock holmes, slash, the bloody jack adventures, the keys to the kingdom, tricksters choice & tricksters queen, twilight saga, yaoi
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